How To Avoid Spam

Make life a little more difficult for spammers, and try to avoid getting spam in the first place. Find a short collection of tips to avoid spam below.

Keep Your Mail Address Private!

The best way to avoid receiving spam (not surprisingly), is to keep your mail address private:

Keep Your System Up-to-date!

Trojans and Spyware use security holes in your Internet Browser and Mail Client software to harvest passwords from your computer, mail addresses from your address book, or to install spam relays, not to mention viruses.

Many of today's viruses have been created with the sole purpose of creating a backdoor to your system, so your computer can be used to gather information or to relay spam messages.

Don't Let Yourself be Fooled!

When you receive mails with dubious attachments, don't open them! Make sure the supposed sender did really send that mail, before touching it. Faking an E-Mail "From" address simple as typing letters on your keyboard.

Don't be fooled by fake delivery failure notices. If you never sent that mail, it is a virus.

Closing Remarks

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