Eliminate fraudulent and invalid data.

Verify and enrich your customer data.

Stop bouncing - start connecting!

Validate addresses, phone numbers and email addresses - with unparalleled precision in 240+ countries world-wide.

Address Validation, Correction, Autocomplete & Geocoding

With our postal address verification and cleansing service you can easily verify if an address exists and is deliverable. Whether you want to clean up the addresses in your customer database or verify addresses directly on your website, we have exactly the right solution for you.

What Makes Address-Validator Unique?

  • Made in Germany - Experts in Data Quality
  • Supports 240 Countries World-Wide
  • Full GDPR Compliance: Data Protection Guaranteed
  • Address Validation & Correction API
  • Address Auto-Complete API
  • Rooftop Accurate Geocoding
  • Address List Processing (CRMs and Databases)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - No questions asked
  • Free Trial - No credit card required

What Our Users Say ...

Address Validation Online API

Are you wasting thousands of dollars each year on mailings and shipping products to wrong or non-existing addresses? That is the reason why many businesses have integrated our real-time address validation API directly into their websites and eCommerce applications. This allows customers to correct errors in addresses instantly and only valid addresses are accepted.

Address List Verification & Cleansing

Address-Validator automatically detects invalid addresses and provides corrections for incomplete addresses - just export your address list from Excel/CSV files, CRM systems or customer databases and we will validate it.

Address Autocomplete API

Address Autocomplete provides search-based suggestions that narrow with each keystroke, allowing users to select the correct address without having to enter all of the necessary details. Autocomplete speeds up the checkout process, enhances usability and customer satisfaction and decreases cart abandonment at the same time.

Address Geocoding

Address Geocoding helps you to find the geographical coordinates (lat/lng) for an address. Our Geocoding Add-on enriches postal addresses from 240 countries world-wide with rooftop accurate geographical coordinates.


Just register for the free trial, run a few tests with the demo and see how fast and easy it is to use our Address-Validator APIs. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

What makes Address-Validator Unique?

Address-Validator supports address validation and correction for 240 countries world-wide.

Address correction, standardization and re-formatting according to international standards
Address List De-Duplication
USPS ZIP+4 included FREE & US Postal Service (USPS/CASS) certified
Credits do never expire
Awesome Support by Phone, Email & Chat

Address-Validator - Available 24/7/365

We guarantee an availability of 99.9%. API requests will typically be answered within 750ms - please see the API server status page for real-time availability information.

GDPR: Data Protection Guaranteed

Your data is safe with us. Only you have access to your data. We process and store your data only for the purpose of validation and delete all personally identifiable end-user information within 14 days after the data has been made available to us.

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