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Accurate and Reliable Contact Data with Byteplant's Phone Validation Services

Phone calls and texting remain important communication and marketing channels for a lot of businesses. Since 2003 Byteplant helps large enterprises and small businesses maintain a clean contact list with easy-to-use and cost effective phone validation services.

What Makes Phone-Validator Unique?

  • Made in Germany - Maximum Accuracy and Detailed Validation Results
  • Real-Time Live Phone Validation
  • Full GDPR Compliance: Data Protection Guaranteed
  • Online Phone Number Validation API
  • Phone List Cleaning (CRMs and databases)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - No questions asked
  • Free Trial - No credit card required

What Our Users Say ...

Phone Validation Online API

Verify phone numbers in real-time right at the point of entry with Byteplant's Phone Number Verification API. We help you increase conversions and reduce fraud, maintaining relevant regulations compliance. Our phone validation online API can be easily integrated into website forms or mobile apps and makes sure that only valid numbers are accepted to your contact list.

Bulk Phone Number Validation

Validate international phone numbers from 240 countries world-wide and get accurate status results with our phone list validator. Maintaining clean contact data maximizes your revenue and improves your business performance.

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How Phone Verification Can Help You

Byteplant's phone verification tool validates any mobile or landline phone number in 240 countries world-wide and provides detailed information like the status ("valid/confirmed", "valid/unconfirmed" or "invalid") as well as the line type and geolocation.

Phone Bulk Verification (CRMs and databases)
Phone List De-Duplication
Line Type Detection (fixed line, mobile, VOIP etc.)
Location Information (region, city) included FREE
Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) included FREE
FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant
Phone number re-formatting according to national and international standards
Credits do never expire
Awesome Support by Phone, Email & Chat

Phone-Validator - Available 24/7/365

We guarantee an availability of 99.9%. API requests will typically be answered within 750ms - please see the API server status page for real-time availability information.

GDPR: Data Protection Guaranteed

Your data is safe with us. Only you have access to your data. We process and store your data only for the purpose of validation and delete all personally identifiable end-user information within 14 days after the data has been made available to us.

Phone numbers can be specified in national format or in international E.164 format (starting with a leading +).
When using the national format, please select a country below.
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