Arctor Backup: Easy, Fast & Reliable

Arctor File Backup - Backup Files in Real-Time

Arctor is an easy-to-use and powerful file backup solution, offering fast, reliable backup and version management. It allows you to quickly restore your files in the event of accidental loss or hardware failures.

Backup Your Files Before You Wish You Had ...

No individual or company is immune to the catastrophes of data failure and loss. All data stored on computers is in danger, whether it is your desktop computer with monthly sales meetings and all of your email, your company's servers with critical client data, or your home computer with all of your digital pictures and private documents.

Using Arctor, you are able to set up regular, on-the-fly, unattended, automatic backups to make sure your files are kept safe to protect yourself against data loss due to damaged equipment, software upgrades, viruses, user mistakes, hackers and theft.

Arctor provides peace of mind for your enterprise - quickly and cost-effectively - by ensuring your critical files are always protected and up-to-date.

Why Should You Use Arctor File Backup?

While any software package installed on your computer system can be re-installed easily from its installation media, your business data, your personal data and configuration files might be lost in the event of an operating system crash, a hard disk crash or (even more likely) by accidental modification or deletion of files.

In short, Arctor should form the cornerstone of your backup strategy.

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