Address Cleansing

Address cleansing is an essential part of your sales and marketing campaigns. If you don't have a system that checks postal addresses' validity, you could be losing valuable clients and spending sizable amounts of money on unnecessary shipping.

With Byteplant's address cleansing tool that checks postal addresses for validity and integrity, you can ensure operational efficiency and reduce shipping errors.

What is Address Cleansing?

Address cleansing is the process of checking how valid postal addresses on your list are. If you are a company that sends mail or parcels to clients, it's imperative to make sure that it reaches the destination.

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when sharing their addresses. They don't use standard formats, miss letters, forget zip codes, and much more. Some clients may even enter the wrong addresses on purpose if they don't want to receive any marketing materials.

  • Standardization - Putting the address in the right format so postal services can recognize it when handling mail. Includes putting information in the right order, making sure all abbreviations are according to postal standards, spelling out all necessary elements, and much more.
  • Correction - any elements of the postal address that contain typos or missing data. Otherwise, the mail may end up in the wrong hands or go back to the sender. The address cleaning tool corrects errors when possible or alerts the company about them.
  • Validation - Compare the address against the official address databases. Check if the address is valid. If it's not, the chances of delivering mail to such an address are close to zero.
  • Translation - for international mail. Mail workers in another country may not understand it. Address cleaning also involves putting international addresses in the right format that's demanded by the destination country.

Address cleansing involves several steps:

  • Standardization
  • Correction
  • Validation
  • Translation

It's also important to check your address list for duplicates. A duplicate address can cost your company a substantial amount of money. It can also confuse the system and prevent parcels from reaching their destination.

How Will Address Cleansing Help You?

Without address validation, you are likely to have many invalid addresses on your list. Even if the list seemed fine before, it could contain errors and problems that keep you from operating properly in the future.

  • Save money - by sending mail to the wrong recipient or an invalid address, you are wasting money. In the best case, the parcel will bounce and return to your company. In the worst case, it gets delivered to the wrong person and you never see it again. Address cleansing doesn't just allow you to save on shipping, it prevents you from losing products.
  • Happy clients - if a client makes a mistake when typing an address, you may get invalid data. If you send the product or marketing materials to the wrong address, you may not learn about the mistake for a while. The recipient, who doesn't receive the promised product or mail, isn't likely to stay with your company.
  • Eliminate errors - errors in mailing lists can appear at different stages of data processing. If the client doesn't make a mistake, an employee may do it when entering it into the system (if the process isn't automated). Address cleansing can make sure these errors are rectified timely.
  • Better reputation - by sending mail to the right people and doing it on time, you are maintaining a stellar reputation.

The key benefits of address cleansing for your business:

  • Save money
  • Happy clients
  • Eliminate errors
  • Better reputation

Address cleansing can improve your sales and marketing campaigns by reducing the amount of invalid data. This can help with campaign analytics and prevent you from making wrong decisions.

Address Cleansing Process

The process of address database cleansing can be manual. However, checking addresses one by one is likely to lead to new errors. By using an address cleansing tool, you are automating the process, saving time, and ensuring address list validity.

  • Parsing - breaking down the address into different parts (zip code, street name, house number, etc.) to have a clear understanding of each piece of data.
  • Standardization - putting all pieces of data together in the right order according to the USPS (or other countries) standards. This part of the process can include correcting errors and typos.
  • Validation - checking the address against the reference databases.

The process of cleaning your address data includes:

  • Parsing
  • Standardization
  • Validation

The cleansing process can depend on the type of address cleansing tool you are using.

Our Address Cleansing Tools

Byteplant offers two types of address cleansing tools. Both of them can be highly useful for your sales and marketing campaign.

Real-Time Validation API

The majority of problems with mailing addresses occur when the customer or client is typing their address online. If this address contains a typo or misses a piece, your CMS gets the wrong data and shares it with whoever is in charge of mailing products.

A real-time validation API checks the address while the client is typing it. If there is a typo or a missing element, the tool doesn't allow the user to proceed until they make appropriate corrections.

Batch Address Verification

If you have numerous addresses that need to be checked, you can run them through the batch address verification. The program checks addresses one by one and provides valuable information about their validity.

It's important to use this tool even if you are implementing a real-time validation API. Checking old addresses against the reference databases can help you see if there are any changes.

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