Eliminate fraudulent and invalid data.

Verify and enrich your customer data.

Stop bouncing - start connecting!

Validate addresses, phone numbers and email addresses - with unparalleled precision in 240+ countries world-wide.

Support & Customer Services

When designing and programming our products our first goal is to create software where the user does not need any support - if possible. We try to achieve this by using reliable setup routines, designing easy to understand user interfaces and providing thorough product documentation in help files and manuals.

Lost Your License Key? Need an Upgrade?

For questions related to license keys, or if your mail address is no longer valid, please send us an email with your new mail address to support@byteplant.com.

Revision History

What's new in the latest CleanMail version? Please see the CleanMail revision history.

Free E-Mail Support

Free email support is available for all our paid-for products. Answering your question usually takes about one day.

Always submit the following information:

Optionally submit the following information:

Support E-Mail Address

Please send your support requests to support@byteplant.com.

Additional Support

If you require additional support, please inquire at contact@byteplant.com for a suitable arrangement.