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Validate addresses, phone numbers and email addresses - with unparalleled precision in 240+ countries world-wide.

CleanMail Server & Home Licenses

CleanMail is the first anti-spam & anti-virus filter, that was designed from the beginning to provide complete email security - protecting you from spam and all kinds of email-borne malware like viruses and phishing mails - while at the same time making installation and usage as easy as possible. No more spam and viruses - just clean mail!

CleanMail Server Licenses

CleanMail Home License

License/Usage Terms

The freeware version is restricted to personal and non-commercial use. It is limited to scanning mail for up to 10 email addresses (mail to additional addresses will of course be delivered but is not scanned for spam). Also a short note at the end of all scanned mails is added.
Commercial licenses may be installed and used on one (1) computer. Multiple licenses must be purchased for multiple installations. Site Licenses may be installed and used on one or more computers owned by the licensee and located on one property owned by this person, company or institution (e.g. campus or business premises).

Software Maintenance Terms

CleanMail licenses are valid for 12 months and include software maintenance and priority support. You can upgrade to the larger licenses at any time by simply paying the price difference. If you have any questions about our software or the purchasing process, please send us an email to support@byteplant.com.

Any CleanMail license includes 12 months of software maintenance and priority support. During this time:

The software maintenance has to be renewed every 12 months. The renewal price is only 25% of the current list price. For your convenience, we will give you advance notification by email before your maintenance plan expires.

CleanMail licenses are valid for 12 months and include software maintenance and priority support. The price for the license renewal is only 25% of the current list price. CleanMail includes Anti-Virus protection at no extra cost. CleanMail supports an unlimited number of domains. Single server licenses (as listed above) allow the installation on one server. For multi-server, site or enterprise licenses or if you are an ISP and want to offer CleanMail as a hosted service, please request a price quote. You can explicitly specify a list of recipient addresses (or address patterns) where spam checking is enabled. If a recipient address matches an entry in this list, and if the mail server accepts this recipient address, it counts against the number of licensed addresses. Recipient addresses in excess of the licensed count are not checked for spam. Updates, Upgrades & Renewals If you want to update, upgrade or renew an existing license, please contact our support team.

Multi-Server Licenses of CleanMail Server

Single server licenses (as listed above) allow the installation of CleanMail on one server. We also offer attractive discounts for multi-server, site or enterprise licenses of CleanMail Server and the hosted CleanMail service.

Special Offers for NGOs & Non-Profit Organizations

We support NGOs, charities and other non-profit organizations by providing special discounts. Please send us an email to support@byteplant.com.

CleanMail Features

Complete Email Security with CleanMail

Award-winning SpamAssassin engine

It comes with the full range of different antispam filters, including the award-winning SpamAssassin™ engine and a built-in spam trap


CleanMail integrates the Clam Anti-Virus package and additionally supports all popular virus checkers to protect you against all kinds of email-borne virus attacks.

Attachment Filter

CleanMail's built-in attachment filter effectively blocks all kinds of potentially malicious email attachments.

DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) Filter:

The DNSBL filter rejects all mail that has been relayed by a blacklisted host.

SMTP Traffic Limiting

CleanMail Server implements very effective algorithms to protect your Mail Server against Directory Harvesting, SMTP AUTH attacks and Mail Flooding.

POP3-to-SMTP Connector

Automatically retrieve messages from a POP3 server and forward these messages (after filtering) to a mail account on your SMTP server.

Shared Fingerprint Filter

Our Fingerprint filter calculates message fingerprints (fuzzy hashes) and compares them against a database of known spam message fingerprints.

Delay Filter

The Delay Filter itself already blocks up to 73% of all junk mails while causing only minimal resource usage on the host system.