10 Top Email Validation Services

Email list hygiene is an integral part of your sales and marketing efforts. Without a clean email list, it’s hard to maintain a good sender’s’ reputation, streamline customer relationships, and take advantage of the impressive email marketing ROI.

To keep your email list in top shape, you need the right tools. One of them is an email validator. Email validators have various functions that include checking your email address list, reviewing new email addresses, correcting typos,  removing spam traps, and many more.

With a wide variety of email validators on the market, it could be tough to choose the right one. Let’s take a closer look at selecting the right service provider and top 10 email validator tools.

How To Choose An Email Validator

When trying to find the right email validation service for your needs, many companies pay special attention to the price. In reality, there are many other factors that should affect your decision.


There are different types of email validation. Not all service providers offer the entire collection. Depending on your company’s needs, you have to review each of these functions to figure out which ones are essential or secondary.

  • Syntax – many people make a mistake when typing their email address. A simple typo turns into a bounced email. Validators with syntax checking option review the format of each address to see if it requires your attention. They also check whether email domains are active or invalid.
  • Confirmation – if you need your clients to sign up for an email list or a service on your website, it’s essential to verify their intentions. Some email validators can automatically send confirmation emails to each address that you add to the list.
  • Real-time validation – when clients enter their email addresses on a website, they often make mistakes. If the address ends up on your email list, it can stay there until the next validation cycle. Some validators offer real-time checks of email addresses. They include checking the syntax and alerting the client about an error.
  • Batch validation – if you have a big email list, it could take a while to check each address with an email validator. Many validators offer batch validation that verifies large mailing lists. Batch validation usually takes longer than single email real-time validation. However, it’s a must-have for large marketing campaigns.
  • Spam traps – spam traps are email addresses that identify your messages as spam. If one of them is on your list, your emails are likely to end up in the spam folders. Some validators can check for spam traps and delete them during the validation process.

Syntax checking is a must-have function of all high-quality validators. The rest can be optional, depending on your business requirements.

Learning curve

Since you already have a number of tools to help with sales and marketing, learning how to use a new one may seem daunting. That’s why it’s imperative to choose an email validation service with a low learning curve.

Many email validators offer free trials. Take advantage of them to figure out which one suits you best.


While not the most important factor, pricing plays a major role in choosing the right email validation service.

Each email validation provider sets its own pricing plan. Some charge per checked email address while others have subscriptions.

The number of addresses on your list is the key to choosing the best price. Compare the available options to see which one is the best for your volume. Keep in mind that your business is likely to grow with time and so will the number of email addresses on the list.

Top 10 Email Validation Service Providers

Each one of the companies on this list can become a great choice for your business. By looking at their services, pricing, and features, you can make the right decision.

1. Byteplant

Byteplant is the leading email validator with a comprehensive set of features and many effective add-ons. The key benefits of using it for your email validation purposes include excellent accuracy with disposable emails and full GDPR compliance.

The main features include:

  •         Bulk validation via API (you can check more than 100,000 emails online, which is great for database validation)
  •         Single email validation
  •         WordPress, jQuery, and Node.js plugins
  •         Syntax checking
  •         Excellent customer support
  •         Personalized plan opportunities

Besides email verification, Byteplant also has a mailing address and phone number validation tools.

Pricing: you can check 1,000 email addresses for free. You can choose the pay-as-you-go payment option or consider a subscription. For pay-as-you-go, the price for 2,000 validations is $13.80.

Bottom line:  Byteplant is one of the most comprehensive email validation tools that’s suitable for email lists of all sizes. It comes with a variety of useful features at reasonable prices.  

2. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is one of the most popular email verification services that businesses take advantage of. It has many different functions including:

  • Detecting bouncing emails
  • Finding and deleting spam traps
  • Identifying fake email addresses
  • Real-time API verification
  • Soliciting and adding missing information to email contacts
  • Eliminating duplicate emails

One of its important advantages is round-the-clock customer support. Many companies that implement 24/7 marketing campaigns can benefit from such a comprehensive approach.

ZeroBounce also offers bulk email address validation, which makes it a great choice for businesses with large email lists.

Price: If you want to try how ZeroBounce works, you can do it for free. The provider offers 100 credits per month. You can get a minimum of 2,000 credits for $16 and pay as you go. The more credits you purchase, the cheaper the rates will be.

Bottom line: ZeroBounce is an excellent email validation service for businesses that send newsletters and marketing emails. It has reasonable and flexible pricing.

3. Bouncer

Bouncer is a robust email list validation tool that’s easy to use. It’s designed specifically for teams that don’t have any time to learn how to use a new tool. This service provider has impressive features that include:

  • Integrated API verification (one-by-one or in bulk)
  • Excellent integration with marketing tools, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and Klaviyo
  • Batch checking of large email lists (up to 500,000 addresses!)
  • Identifying spam traps, breached and hacked addresses, widely circulated addresses, and other problematic elements
  • Accuracy rate of over 95%
  • GDPR compliance

Unlike the majority of validation services, Bouncer can validate lists not just from CSV files but also from manual copy-pasting.

Pricing: You get 100 free credits after signing up. Then you can choose the pay-as-you-go plan which charges $14 for 2,000 validations. You can also select one of the monthly plans. The simplest plan charges $40 per month and offers 10,000 email verifications.

Bottom line: This email validator is great for both businesses and startups. It’s useful for real-time checking as well as batch validation. The learning curve is virtually non-existent.

4.  Snov.io

Snov.io’s email verifier has a standard set of features that a good validator should provide. It can be an excellent solution for companies that take advantage of the rest of Snov.io functionality. However, it can also work as a standalone tool.

The key features you can get with Snov.io are:

  • Single email validation
  • In-bulk email verification
  • Real-time validation at signup
  • Checks for spam traps and duplicate emails

Pricing: The tool has a free version. You can get 100 verifications per month for free. Then you can choose a suitable plan. They start at $39 for 2,000 verifications.

Bottom line: Great tool for small businesses and startups.

5. Xverify

Xverify is a comprehensive validation solution that can cater to your email marketing needs. It has many different features and excellent bulk verification options. All you have to do is drag and drop your email list into the bulk verifier and get quick results.

This tool offers high-quality features and benefits:

  • In-bulk checking
  • Low learning curve
  • Responsive customer support team
  • Auto-correction of domains
  • IP blacklist monitoring

Xverify can work with the most popular email service providers. You can import data from the ESP directly to the verifier and get the email list checked quickly.

Pricing: Xverify is a bit more expensive than other solutions on this list, but you can still get 100 free verifications when you sign up. After that, you would need to choose a plan. They start at $5 for 500 verifications.

Bottom line: This validation solution is useful for companies that want high-quality in-bulk checking. However, you have to get ready for a higher-than-average price tag.

6. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is a great email list cleaning solution that caters to companies of all sizes. Its impressive set of features makes it easy to keep your email list clean without struggling with a high learning curve.

The most useful features offered by this tool include:

  • Bulk email list cleaning (you can connect its API to validate large batches)
  • Excellent integration with any platform for real-time validation
  • Catching spam traps and removing duplicate emails
  • Reporting and bounce analytics

If you are collecting email addresses on your website, NeverBounce can be a wonderful option. It integrates with all platforms and helps you design a pure email list by checking addresses at the point of entry.

This solution also helps you arrange automatic list cleanings so you don’t have to initiate them manually.

Pricing: You pay as you go. The price for 2,000 validations is $16. Automated cleaning will cost you $49 for 2,000 email addresses.

Bottom line: A robust email validation solution for startups and small businesses.

7. BriteVerify

BriteVerify positions itself as the oldest email validation solution on the market. It promises to help you improve ROI, email deliverability, and the sender’s reputation. You can use it to check email addresses in real-time. Bulk validation is also available.

The key features are:

  • Invalid email removal
  • Real-time validation
  • In-bulk verification
  • Fast verification (100,000 addresses in 25 minutes)

The tool also allows you to check phone numbers and mailing addresses. BriteVerify is part of the Validity project that has various functionality for marketers.

Pricing: This tool has a pay-as-you-go structure. Plans start at $40 per 5,000 verifications. You can also create custom plans for large email lists.

Bottom line: Excellent solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want fast in-bulk verification.

8. Verifalia

Verifalia has been serving companies of different sizes for over a decade and a half. It has many important features that help reduce your bounce rate and improve email marketing ROI.

They include:

  • Real-time email address checking
  • Identifying spam traps, temporary addresses, role-based addresses, and catch-all domains.
  • Ability to verify email addresses that use non-Latin alphabets.
  • Batch email validation
  • Syntax validation
  • Mailbox availability check

The company emphasizes the security of your data and deletes it to ensure GDPR compliance.

Pricing: You can check single email addresses for free. You can also sign up for a free plan that allows 25 checks a day. The starter plan will cost you $9 per 250 validations

Bottom line: This is a great email validation tool for businesses and agencies of all sizes that focus on streamlining their email marketing. It’s also excellent for companies that cater to international audiences.

9. MillionVerifier

MillionVerifier is a comprehensive easy-to-use validation solution. While it’s great at checking batches, it can also validate single emails. It can be a wonderful option for small and medium-sized email marketing campaigns.

The tool has a variety of features including:

  • Domain check
  • Single email verification
  • In-bulk validation
  • Spam trap, disposable email, and catch-all server detection
  • Syntax checking

This tool offers automated email address verification. This option simplifies your email marketing efforts. MillionVerifier works with an impressive variety of platforms, including Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Zoho CRM, and HubSpot.

Pricing: the solution has a free trial and a free version. It also offers 50,000 checks for $59.

Bottom line: MillionVerifier is designed for companies that need to check bulk email lists. It’s one of the leading batch validation solutions.  

10. DeBounce

DeBounce is a fast and easy-to-use email address validation tool that allows bulk verification. The top feature this solution offers is anti-greylisting tech, which helps identify invalid addresses that could affect your sender’s reputation. This solution also has an excellent syntax checker.

The key features offered by DeBounce include:

  • Identifying hard bounce addresses, spam traps, duplicate addresses, and disposable addresses.
  • Ability to check large email lists by uploading CSV and TXT files (but not bigger than 20 GB)
  • Detailed reporting options for further email list analytics.
  • Validating tough-to-validate domains, such as T-Online

The solution promises its users a 97.5% or higher deliverability date and 98% accuracy. It also comes with a convenient WordPress plugin.

Pricing: When you sign up for DeBounce, you get 100 free credits. Then you can choose a suitable plan. They start at $10 for 5,000 validations.

Bottom line: DeBounce is a versatile solution with many features. It’s also one of the cheapest validation options on the market. This tool can be great for startups and businesses with a low marketing budget.

The lowdown

A high-quality email validation tool is key to achieving high email marketing ROI, maintaining excellent customer relationships, and improving your company’s bottom line. By taking a careful approach to the email validation tool selection, you can save time and money during the campaign. 


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