How to get more email subscribers

It is said that in order to keep your business going, you need a thousand “true fans”, that is people who will buy every product you release. Whether you’re writing a book, creating a video game or launching a new collection of organic cosmetics, those faithful customers have already put its release date in their calendars, and are impatient to be the first ones to place an order. 

The question is, how to gain a thousand customers who will be with you through thick and thin? First, you need to advertise your brand to as many people as possible, and to try to form a bond with them. The most convenient way to communicate with your potential customers directly is through an email list. It is also the best way to select those customers who are genuinely interested in your services and products; after all, they sign up for the email list out of their own free will. The more subscribers you have, the more chance there is that you will find true fans among them. 

This leads us to the next question: What are the ways in which you can get more email subscribers?

Newsletter pop-up

Almost every website now has a newsletter pop-up. Most likely you have it too – but do you know the secrets to a successful pop-up that attracts more subscribers, and, as a consequence, more conversions? 

Keep it short

First and foremost, keep the form short. Why should I enter my name or any other unnecessary info in order to subscribe? Why should I waste my time ticking and unticking dozens of boxes? People value their privacy and time more than anything nowadays. The newsletter pop-up should have just one field to fill in: “email address”. This way a person’s journey to become your faithful subscriber is short and effortless: just one step! 

Discounts & gifts

“Get a 20% discount for your first purchase.” 

”Get a free ebook with simple and healthy lunch recipes.” 

Your potential customers need some encouragement to join the newsletter. Sometimes they may hesitate. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself the question: What benefit will I have from subscribing? Welcome every new subscriber with a discount or access to extra content. Show them from day one that you have a lot to offer, and so it makes sense to join your newsletter.  

Visible but not intrusive 

Have you ever got annoyed because the pop up appeared the second you opened the website? And you couldn’t find the close button? Such intrusive forms of advertisement are bound to put off many potential customers. Let the pop-up appear after some time or at the point where a person is leaving the website. Let them look through your website first to decide whether or not they’d like to hear more from you. It’s a good idea to place the pop-up on every page, not just the homepage. This way you will reach more potential subscribers, for example those who visited your blog or a product page. 

Online courses

They are a perfect way to form a long-term relationship with your customers. Offer a free online course that will be sent to your subscribers’ mailboxes regularly over a certain period of time. For example, if you’re a hairdresser, you may want to create a video course on how to style your hair for different occasions. As long as your lessons are valuable and thoroughly prepared, subscribing to your email list seems like a small price to pay. Later on, you may want to release an extended, paid version of the course or a follow-up – and the right people who are very much likely to buy it are already on your email list!


Everybody loves contests, prizes and generally getting things for free. It’s a good idea to organise a contest in which one of the entrance requirements is giving one’s email address. If people want your product/service badly enough, they won’t mind sharing their email. If they win, they will become your most faithful customers. If they lose, the newsletter will keep them up to date with other contests and promotions. 

How to keep my email subscribers happy?

Last but not least, you must get the newsletter itself right. You may get new email subscribers regularly, but the most important thing is to encourage people to stay with you. How to prevent getting unsubscribed?

Interesting & personalised content

Treat your customers as if they were your best friends. This rule also applies to emails. Try to write your newsletter in such a way that each recipient has the impression it has been written especially for them. No one likes reading impersonal ads. We prefer stories, jokes, exciting news. We like being called by our name. Make your readers feel special and they will show loyalty in return.

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