Email Marketing and ChatGPT

Email marketing is a marketing tactic with the highest return on investment (ROI). Can something make it even more effective? ChatGPT creators say that it can. The new and impressive improvements in the artificial intelligence landscape allow marketers to reinvent their email marketing strategies.

Marketing experts have been using AI tools for over a decade. From HubSpot to Grammarly, AI has been making marketing easier and more complex at the same time. ChatGPT introduced new opportunities that marketers are racing to leverage.

Since AI tools are developing exponentially, failing to take advantage of them could easily put your business behind the competition. Let’s take a closer look at email marketing and ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the next step in the AI revolution. This chatbot is a sophisticated system that can produce a variety of content on many subjects.

The content ChatGPT provides comes from an immense amount of textual and visual data available online. It includes blog posts, articles, websites, eBooks, and more.

Released in November 2022 by OpenAI (an AI research company), ChatGPT can easily engage in written and even spoken dialogue with humans. This tool is drastically different from other chatbots since it learns from the human feedback model. This helps ChatGPT create natural language, identify mistakes, answer follow-up questions, and improve content relevancy.

Today, ChatGPT is free. However, in February 2023, OpenAI also launched paid subscription options with additional benefits. In March 2023, OpenAI promised to upgrade the tool to handle visual information. It will be able to analyze visual content and answer questions about it.

How Marketers Use ChatGPT

As soon as ChatGPT appeared, marketing experts saw it as an opportunity to improve their efforts without additional investments. Here are just a few ways marketers use ChatGPT for their current strategies.

Content Ideation

When marketers need ideas for content, they don’t just look at customers’ pain points or check what the competition is writing about. They go online, practice social listening, and identify market trends.

With ChatGPT, marketers can source ideas from the internet without doing extensive market research. All they have to do is ask the chatbot. Of course, speaking to the chatbot is only a small part of content ideation. However, it can save marketers an impressive amount of time.

Content Creation

Copywriters charge high rates and take hours to create high-quality content. When prompted correctly, ChatGPT can produce content in seconds. While the quality of this content isn’t always high and depends on the depth of the required piece, it can help writers speed up their work.   

Customer Service

Today, over 70% of customers turn to chatbots if they think that they enhance their buying experience. With ChatGPT, this is becoming possible quickly. In the past, chatbots managed to find answers to around 80% of basic questions.

Today, the number is rising quickly. With the right training, chatbots can improve customer experience and drive sales.  

Market Research

Since ChatGPT has access to all the information available online, marketers use its knowledge to conduct market research. With the right prompting, ChatGPT can help learn about trends, identify target audience segments, dig deeper into customer’s pain points, and much more.

Social Media Management

When it comes to social media marketing, ChatGPT can:

  • Schedule social media posts
  • Conduct social media analytics
  • Improve ad targeting
  • Run competitor analysis

With this tool, marketers can automate manual tasks, gain valuable insight into customer behavior, optimize paid ad campaigns, and much more. It frees up the time to focus on nurturing customer relationships, improving customer retention, and working on brand awareness.

ChatGPT and Email Marketing

Email marketing automation solutions have been helping marketers design highly advanced email campaigns. In fact, without automation, email marketing wouldn’t have a high ROI. When ChatGPT appeared, marketers immediately saw its potential for enhancing email campaigns.

Today, you can use this AI-based tool for:

  • Subject line optimization – engaging subject lines are an integral part of a successful email marketing campaign. Generating dozens of them daily can be a complicated task for content creators. ChatGPT does it in seconds and gives you options to choose from.  
  • Content creation – ChatGPT can help you create fun and engaging content for your email campaigns. For example, it can provide excellent product descriptions. While it may be a while until this chatbot can provide in-depth analysis and high-quality articles, short messages often come out well.
  • Address book (audience) segmentation – ChatGPT can identify shared characteristics and behaviors of customer segments and help you segment your audience to provide personalized marketing campaigns.
  • A/b testing – ChatGPT allows you to create multiple pieces of content for your marketing campaign so you can a/b test it and identify what works the best.

Overall, ChatGPT is an excellent content development tool. While it still requires close supervision, the solution can save you time and money on email automation.

What Is MailGPT?

MailGPT is an email generator designed specifically for Gmail. Similar to ChatGPT, this solution is powered by artificial intelligence. The tool can create email copy according to your marketing needs.

This email-writing tool designs multiple unique email messages with just one keyword. It uses smart tagging for customer segmentations and leverages subscriber management for better email personalization.

In addition, MailGPT can analyze your email campaigns and give you insight into what needs to be adjusted.

While this seems like an excellent email writing solution for a variety of purposes, MailGPT comes with the same advantages and disadvantages as ChatGPT does.

Pros of Using ChatGPT for Email Marketing

  • Ability to generate an impressive volume of email content in just a few seconds.
  • Ability to create text in multiple languages, which is perfect for international email marketing campaigns.
  • Ability to create content optimized for search engine optimization purposes.
  • Cost-effectiveness (today, it’s possible to use ChatGPT features for free).
  • Ability to provide content ideas.
  • Fast research opportunities.

Cons of Using ChatGPT for Email Marketing

  • ChatGPT tends to use long, hard-to-read sentences.
  • It can make factual errors (so you need to double-check each fact)
  • Some text sounds completely inhuman
  • ChatGPT emails don’t sound creative
  • Personalization with ChatGPT isn’t always possible

The main disadvantage of using ChatGPT for email marketing is the quality of the content it produces. Sometimes, when it needs to create short-form content like a subject line or a short email message, it can be hard to tell it from something a human would have written. When it comes to longer content, the difference becomes more obvious.

ChatGPT is likely to continue improving over time. Most likely, it will “learn” how to sound more human and take care of all other disadvantages. For now, it’s an excellent thought starter that can help content creators design excellent email marketing content.

How Email Validator Can Help Improve Deliverability Rates

While you are leveraging ChatGPT to create content for your email marketing campaign, it’s important to ensure email list hygiene. Otherwise, the ROI of all your efforts can be remarkably low.

In order to make sure that your messages reach the recipient, consider taking advantage of an email validator. Comprehensive email validators improve deliverability by:

  • Checking whether an email address is valid
  • Checking if the domain is valid
  • Catching typos in email addresses

Email validators can check addresses before you add them to your list. They are also highly applicable to email lists that have already been in use for a while. Regular email hygiene can boost deliverability rates, catch spam traps, improve the sender’s reputation, help you avoid blacklists and spam boxes, and much more.

Using ChatGPT for Email Marketing Campaigns

ChatGPT can be an excellent addition to your email marketing tech stack. It can help you save time and money when creating robust campaigns.

While you still need to recheck and adjust the content provided by this solution, ChatGPT has substantial potential to become an effective email marketing automation tool.

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