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Address Geocoding

Digitized geo locations have become an integral part of offline and online navigation. Geocoding allows you to turn addresses into a pair of geo coordinates. You can use these coordinates for a variety of purposes, from building travel routes to searching for customer buying patterns.

If your application supports geographic coordinates, you can track customer movements and make offers according to their location. You can also gather a significant amount of data for further implementation in your sales and marketing campaign.

Let's take a closer look at what geocoding is all about.

What Is Rooftop Geocoding?

Rooftop geocoding is the process of gathering location data from several sources and using special algorithms to turn a street address on the map into a pair of coordinates, namely latitude and longitude.

The rooftop part of geocoding means that the location you get is actually the location of the roof of a specific building at that address.

Geocoding allows companies to find different locations based on their customers' demographics and gather relevant data about customer preferences.

Rooftop Geocoding And Data Analytics

Companies can use geocoding to analyze customer behavior, identify top territories for sales, plan delivery routes, and much more. Accurate data that is gathered by using geocoding can make significant contributions to the quality of sales and marketing campaigns.

Companies that can benefit from rooftop geocoding are:

  • Shipping businesses - when you need to deliver parcels, documents, or other items to different locations, geocodes can help your employees find exact addresses. They can also use this information to plan the fastest route.
  • Insurance carriers - when insurance companies need to assess risks while insuring homes, they need to analyze the possibilities of specific disasters. Geocoding can help them adjust pricing according to the location.
  • Car rental services - rooftop geocodes an help car rentals evaluate the area where drivers can travel with the least possibility of getting into accidents. Car sharing services can also take advantage of geocoding to track their vehicles.
  • Tow services - when a vehicle breaks down in an unknown area, tow truck driver can locate them by using geocoding.
  • Ambulances - when a person is unwell, every extra second that ambulance takes to find them could prove to be fatal. Geocoding helps ambulance drivers find people by pinpointing their exact location.
  • Contractors - when contractors take on a new project, they may work in a place without an exact address. Geocoding can help construction companies locate the land. After that, they can use the location to bring subcontractors to the site.
  • Banks - geocoding can help banks track credit cards. If the card is used in an unusual location, the bank could alert the client about the possibility of credit card fraud.

Overall, geocoding can improve the quality of data gathering, help companies improve relationships with clients, and prevent unnecessary expenses related to data inaccuracy.

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The potential applications for Geocoding are endless, ranging from geolocation-based analytics & marketing to the optimization of logistics processes. We make things very easy for you - you can test Address-Validator and the Geocoding Add-On with a free trial now.

Real-Time Geocoding

Real-time geocoding allows you to validate addresses in real-time. When a customer types their address into an online form for product or document delivery, you can check it on the spot.

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Batch Geocoding

With our geocoding tool can process your address databases in one go. This can save you time and money while ensuring top accuracy of your address list.

Batch Geocoding

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