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Arctor File Backup

Arctor employs a file-based backup strategy. A file is archived in the repository only when its modification time stamp has changed to a later date than the modification time of an existing backup in the archive drive.

Arctor's Smart Backup Technology

Arctor's Smart Backup Technology protects your files from the most common error: accidental deletion or corruption of valuable documents.

With Arctor's Smart Backup Technology you can backup all of your critical data in an easy and reliable way. Just set up some backup rules to include all the files you want to be saved (word documents, spreadsheets, database files, address books, images, videos, etc.) and Arctor's smart backup technology automagically ensures that you always have

Fast & Easy-to-use Restore Wizard

Arctor is a "Hot Redundancy" Solution: all your backup files are readily available at your fingertips.

Access and retrieval of lost files or older versions of a file is almost instantaneous. Portable hard drives (USB or FireWire) can be quickly mounted and accessed, there is no need to locate and handle a particular tape or CD to restore your backup. Simply run Arctor's Restore Wizard, select the files you want to restore, and you are ready to continue with your work.

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