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Sending mail slows down after install [message #753] Mon, 24 May 2004 21:24 Go to previous message
Screamin Chicken
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I installed the proxy version on Friday. I have a couple questions for you. Here's the background info...

Mail server is Windows NT, older machine (128Mb memory)
NST Proxy is installed on same server with same IP address, different ports.
Serving a network of about 30 e-mail addresses.

For the setup I have:

Incoming IP: Any
Incoming Port: 25
Outgoing Server: IP address of server NST Proxy and mail program are on
Outgoing Port: 40
Outgoing Connections: 2

and on my mail server I have the incoming port as 40 and outgoing port as 25.

Okay, now the questions:

After the install, sending e-mails has become extremely slow. Receiving e-mails is still the same fast speed, but sending them has become intolerable. Do I have something set incorrectly?

Does that have something to do with the 2 outgoing connections? Why do outgoing connections make any difference? I thought that NST Proxy only processed incoming e-mails or incoming connections...I wouldn't think it would have anything to do with outgoing connections. I would appreciate enlightenment in this area as I obviously don't understand it.

In the detailed logs under "list of e-mail addresses in use" there are some e-mail addresses that don't belong there. For example some Yahoo and Hotmail addresses(among others). I thought this was a list of e-mail addresses that NST Proxy is processing. Does this mean that it is processing outbound mail as well as inbound mail? Should I add a seperate IP address for NST Proxy to fix this or should I change a port number somewhere? By the way, it passes the open port test so I don't think I'm an open port(never have been before).

Any help would be appreciated.

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