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No Spam Today - causing server to lock up [message #1118] Tue, 10 May 2005 04:24
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I have been running our win 2003 server's POP3 & SMTP service on the server now for a few months without spam until one day, spam caught up with us (along with viruses).

Just purchased the 25 License along with 2 years subscription with NOD32 antivirus to fight off the spam and viruses getting sent to the mailboxes.

Anyway, when I set the allowed email filter to '*' and a flood of spam went through, the server would lock up.
I then limited the allowed list to individual email addresses - and it's still locking up.

When you send to an individual address (or even everyone in the list - which is 18 mailboxes) it doesn't freeze the server.

And when I mean it freezes the server, I mean all the services are running, but no one can access shared folders, and when I log into the server, I cannot execute anything.
This has only started since No Spam Today was installed - it had a virus scanner before on it and so on, and didn't lock up and was able to handle the load of emails.

Server Specs:

Athlon 2400+
2 x 70GB HDD (mirrored)

The primary use of the server is file sharing & emails.

I read the oher thread about the server being sluggish - tried the expiring thing (I got desperate and set it to twice a day in a space of 12 hours apart) and that didn't solve the problem.

Only filters are:
Spam Assasin
NOD32 Antivirus

I have the SMTP running on a separate port (not 25) and I have the No Spam Today accepting on all connections to port 25 and it sends the filtered mail to localhost on the port the SMTP is accepting.

Any suggestions as to why it would be locking up? What emails (or filtering) could cause this?
Re: No Spam Today - causing server to lock up [message #1119 is a reply to message #1118] Tue, 10 May 2005 09:59 Go to previous message
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Do you use NOD32's on-access scanner? If so, make sure the temporary directory used by NoSpamToday! is excluded the directory used by NoSpamToday! is written to the log upon startup).

From what you say it seems that mail is still busy coming in, but the server is no longer responsive to your login session. It could help to decrease the memory usage limit to say 40% or less (File -> Global Settings), this should prevent the load to reach a level where the server starts swapping a lot. After all, NoSpamToday! shares this server with other software, like your mail server software, and the file sharing services. I can also imagine that swapping may have a more heavy impact on server performance on a system with mirrored disks.

You can also try traffic limiting to reduce the load.

If nothing helps, send us your log files to (maybe enable detailed logging first).

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Re: No Spam Today - causing server to lock up [message #1120 is a reply to message #1119] Tue, 10 May 2005 11:36 Go to previous message
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Thanks for that.

Yes I do use the on-access scanner.

Right now, I have No Spam Today running on a separate machine with NOD32 and the primary server is now recieving emails only from the filtered machine.
Seems to be running fine at this stage on the separate machine...

Will see how this runs over night (running on a separate machine) and then exclude the temp directory used by NST on the primary server and give that a go.

Once again, thanks.
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