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Incompatible with Crystal Reports Info-APS server? [message #1015] Mon, 17 January 2005 20:00
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This is a weird problem I've been wrestling with, and only just found the solution.

I recently installed Microsoft CRM on my server, which also installs Crystal Reports by necessity. I know that this installation caused NST to stop working. After I set this stuff up, NST would never be able to bind port 25, though other programs like Argosoft Mail Server and emailrelay could.

I went one-by-one disabling the new services and found one that allowed NST to work: Crystal Reports Web Services.

I did some googling and found this article:

I was desparate, so even though the solution sounded far-fetched, I gave it a shot. I commented out the info-aps (port 6400) line in the Windows services file.

Tried running NST Admin, and... what, what? It worked!?

It could finally bind port 25 again. I thought this was insanity. So I uncommented that line in the services file, and restarted NST. Service failed to restart. Ran the admin, cannot bind port 25. Closed everything up and commented out the info-aps line. NST started fine.

This is truly the issue, but my question is: what the hell is the issue here? Why in God's name is Crystal Reports binding port 25, or why does NST think port 25 is in use when Crystal Reports is running on port 6400?

Any solutions to this mystery would be appreciated.
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