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Announcing Version [message #18] Mon, 24 May 2004 16:00
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The latest setup of NoSpamToday! for Workstations now includes the SpamCopURI plugin for SpamAssassin 2.63. This plugin checks for the URLs of known spam-advertised websites in the body of mail messages.

This approach does seem very promising, as Spammers need hyperlinks to lure unsuspecting users to their websites, and the URLs in these links are hard to hide from spam filters.

A non-null score in the new rule file activates this plugin. Recommended scores are in the range of 3.0 (conservative) to 6.0 (agressive). The initial setting after installation is 4.5. Note that for the SpamCopURI plugin to work, RBL checks must not be disabled.

Read more about SpamCopURI here:

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