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IMAP2MBOX - messages aren't be deleted [message #315] Wed, 22 October 2008 23:30
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Dear Dennis,

I've been working for a long time with NST & IMAP2MBOX on my NT4.5 SBS with EX55.

Now I afforded myself a SBS2003 Sever. Running NSt isn't a real problem. I am also able to read from the public folder into the mbox-file using IMAP2MBOX. One hint you could add to your how to's: The IMAP4 service of EX2003 is not running by default. It can not be started from the Exchange System Manager. You first have to go in the system setings / services and activate this service. Then it can be startet eithere from there (what I read in the internet) or frm the Exchange System manger (what I did and what worked). It took me some days to realsie that this service is not running by default. Perhaps this hint will help anoter user to save some time.

Back to my problem:
Messages can be exportet via IMAP2MBOX into the MBOX-File.

BUT: messages on the Exchange server's publich folders aren't deleted, even if I have set the switch and the log tells me that they are deleted. Now I need a real expert for help.

According to manual (I newly downloaded IMAP2MBOX to be sure to have the latest version) option DELETE hast to be set delete=1 or =0. When doing so, IMAP2MBOX tells me, that there is no argument with delete. So I tried the way like mentionend in following file.

1. BATCHFILE to build cfg-file:
imap2mbox.exe --config="z_ham.cfg" --path="&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/" --folder="z_HAM" --server= --username="local_DOMAINNAME/nst-user" --mbox="z_ham.mbox" --pass=goodguess --delete --debug --verbose >> z_ham.log

DEBUG only for testing purpose and to get good looging for you


2. CONFIG-FILE (newly created):

[Public Box]
Path=&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/




3. Created LOG-File:
Config file : z_ham.cfg
Config file : z_ham.cfg
Cfg string :Config::IniFiles=HASH(0x953b4c)
Setting newvalues
timekey: 222314552008WedOct222314552008 filekey: z_ham.cfgz_ham.cfg222314552008WedOct222314552008
tempkey: *

M fgz_ham.cfg222314552008WedOct222314552008
Magic: goodguess

Writing out config file :z_ham.cfg local_DOMAINNAME/nst-user
&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/a_HAM z_ham.mbox
The server is:
Folder List:
Gel&APY-schte Objekte
Gesendete Objekte
"&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/"
&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/Archiv
&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/Kontakte
&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/z_HAM
&ANY-ffentliche Ordner/z_SPAM
Wed Oct 22 23:14:55 2008
1500 E-mails to process / 1500 - messages selected
Msgs: 1
Msgs: 2
Msgs: 3
rem (...) I deleted some hundred lines
Extracting mail from: &ANY-ffentliche Ordner/z_HAM is complete.
Mail written to mbox: z_ham.mbox
Messages were deleted after writing to mbox.


But, after checking Outlook with a client-workstation, the messages are still there, all 1500! Nothing deleted.

I have no idea any more what to try - hope you are able to help me. Thank you in advance.


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