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NST w/ Domino and sa-learn and a suggestion [message #164] Wed, 23 June 2004 16:22
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I'm using NST with Lotus Domino 6.0.1 and would like to use and update the bayes database to help filter the email. As you all probably are not familliar with Domino, you probably cannot help me, but I thought I would ask here too. I am not sure if/how you can save emails to a format that SA-learn will accept. Is there a way to do it and how?

Also, This is a small suggestion and I wonder if it would be easy to implament as it is already a feature in an opensource product called ASSP ( and that is to save all email messages in a .eml format in subdirectories called XXX/spam and XXX/notspam where "XXX" is your install directory. This way every email is saved in .eml format and sorted already. All you need to do is quickly scan the directory and pull out any false positives or negitives and then run sa-learn on the directory as --spam or --ham depending on which one it is. I dont know if this would be detrimental to the speed at which NST processes incomming emails but I would tend not to think so. The reason we are not using ASSP (a free SMTP spam proxy) is because it's processing speed is totally unacceptable for the volume of email we receive and NST does seem to be more "real time" as far as inbound email processing is concerned.
Re: NST w/ Domino and sa-learn and a suggestion [message #165 is a reply to message #164] Tue, 13 July 2004 14:54 Go to previous message
Stuart Lancaster
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The way we use NST with Domino is that we've modified the mail template to add a "Delete Spam" button which copies the mail to a spam mail file before deleting it. We run the POP3 task on our Domino server and then periodically download the mail from the spam mail file using Thunderbird and then feed the spam to sa-learn.

Re: NST w/ Domino and sa-learn and a suggestion [message #166 is a reply to message #165] Fri, 16 July 2004 22:45 Go to previous message
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Hey Stuart,
is there any way you might be able to write a little white paper on how someone might go about setting that up on their system? I have no idea on how to do that. I do have Domino Designer which I think you would need to make changes to the default mail template... but I am not sure.
Re: NST w/ Domino and sa-learn and a suggestion [message #167 is a reply to message #165] Sun, 08 August 2004 00:28 Go to previous message
Mark Haller
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I wrote lots in here earlier but my web browser crashed!

Suffice to say, I'm really interested in how you got this working, and would be interested not in a white paper, but some code or something from you! In exchange, if it's of use to you, we can further develop whatever you've done here, and give it back to you, we can play enhancement tag, if you wish?

We really want to try this software out - currently, we've just recently installed it here in England, and it seems to work well, but I need a "this is not spam" button to add to whitelist, in order to convince myself, and others, it will work in a business environment!

We are looking to add Domino Web Access functionality for this, using JS and LotusScript, and a Domino Access for Outlook 2003 COM object, to help people. All given back out to people as freeware.

Hope you can help us out. I'm desperate to get it working here!

Cheers for now,

You can find my eMail addy, if you want to contact me direct, on my profile page - use the website there.


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