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Stop processing filters if a value is reched [message #1430] Tue, 02 May 2006 14:26
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Is there any way to have spamassin or nospamtoday stop scanning with filters under condistions such as reached score of 100 or if a certain filters is matched. I want to speed up the scanning process. and i know of a few filters that I always want to reject with.

thanks in advance
Re: Stop processing filters if a value is reched [message #1431 is a reply to message #1430] Thu, 04 May 2006 01:49 Go to previous message
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That is actually not a bad idea... I would suggest that directly to the developers and maintainors of spamassassin at

See entry #3228 in the spamassassin bugzilla... the text from the suggestor is below..

Currently spamassassin performs all checks on headers, body, RBL, etc.
After performing all the checks it compares the score value with "required_hits"
and marks the message as spam if the score is greater than required hits.
Suppose that a message has a high score: sa doesn't need to perform all the
checks, but it can stop the checks and mark the message as a spam just after the
score become greater than "required_hits".
I think it could be interesting using a two thresholds, like "required_hits_low"
and "required_hits_high".
Using this two values sa can classify messages in three buckets:
1) Non spam
2) Probable spam
3) Certain spam

The behaviour of sa should be something like the following.
Assuming that checks are sorted by speed:

foreach (check in all_checks) {
if (score > required_hits_high)
goto out;

if (score < required_hits_low)
elsif ( score > required_hits_high)

So with "required_hits_low" you specify the score which identify spam.
With "required_hits_high" you can specify a limit to CPU usage
when you encounter a high score message.
Additionally you can have two different subject_tag.

From Nicola Gatta 2004-04-20 15:15

some discussion dropped....

Additional Comment #4 From Daniel Quinlan 2005-04-02 19:21
moving to Future milestone

So this may indeed happen sometime in the future...
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