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CleanMail Version 5: New Fingerprint Filter, Remote Monitoring & Administration

New Fingerprint Filter

With CleanMail Version 5 (released on Nov 17th) we introduce the new Fingerprint filter. It uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate message fingerprints and compares them against a database of known spam messages. If a message fingerprint matches a known spam message fingerprint, the mail is blocked. If a message is blocked by another filter, its fingerprints are automatically added to the database, speeding up the processing of similar spam messages by 99%.

Remote Monitoring & Administration

CleanMail Version 5 makes it easy for you to manage remote CleanMail installations either from the Windows Admin Console or through the Web Admin Dashboard. We have included fast full text filtering in the reporting, auto-sorting and many more advanced options in the user interface as well as lots of performance improvements. Last, but not least, the filtering engine in CleanMail 5 has been further optimized and we have updated the DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) filter configuration and the SpamAssassin rulesets.

As always, all new features are also available in the freeware editions of CleanMail Home and CleanMail Server.

For detailed information on the changes in CleanMail Version 5, please see the release notes:

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