(Apr 1st, 2009) Byteplant News April 2009

Your opinion counts: Byteplant starts user survey

Please take the time and answer a few questions to help us further improve our products, so we can better meet your needs and requirements in upcoming releases.

There is a separate survey for each product:

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Bytemon Network & Resource Monitor released

The final version has been released last year and has proven to be very stable and reliable. We thank all our beta testers for their help and support. We believe that Bytemon is a great tool to help administrators of small to medium-sized networks to keep on top of potential network problems before they even manifest themselves.

Please check it out! You will find a download link below.

Improved user experience for Windows Vista/Server 2008 users

In the past few months we have worked on eliminating the last few annoyances that users of Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 might have experienced with our products. As an example, it is now possible for Windows Vista users to automatically start Arctor or NoSpamToday! for Workstations straight at system start by placing a shortcut in the 'Startup' folder, without the need to use the Windows task scheduler instead.

When using the latest product versions on Vista, some actions that require administrator privileges only work when you have explicitly started the program as administrator. Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 users will find a shortcut for this in the start menu after upgrading to the latest version.

Latest Versions of Byteplant Products

You can download the free trial or upgrade versions of Byteplant products using the following links: