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50% Discount: Protect your secondary mail server with NoSpamToday now!

Many companies are locked in a struggle with spam. Unfortunately, a simple error in your mail setup can allow spam to flood your mail servers almost unchallenged.

It's quite common to maintain a second mail server as a backup or for load balancing. If the primary mail server is down or too busy to accept messages, the secondary server will be contacted instead.

Opening a Back Door to Spam

Spammers often try to send their mails directly to the secondary mail server in order to circumvent the primary mail server's antispam protection or they try delivering their mails there if rejected by the primary mail server.

Leaving your secondary mail server unprotected means opening a back door to spam. Any secondary mail server must have an antispam protection that's just as strong as the primary machine's.

We now offer NoSpamToday licenses for your secondary mail servers with a 50% discount.

Make your protection complete and order additional licenses now! Just send us an email to nstsupport@byteplant.com to request your 50% coupon code.

NoSpamToday V3.1.2.1 optimized for heavy traffic

On March 26th, 2008, NoSpamToday for Servers was released. The main goal of this new version is to optimize performance under heavy traffic conditions.

It uses a client/server filtering architecture (spamc/spamd) instead of a plain SpamAssassin executable. This new approach reduces filtering time drastically and increases the overall throughput.

Additionally, we have further optimized the DNSBL configuration in this release.

As always, we appreciate any feedback, feature requests and bug reports that you want to provide. Please contact us by email to nstsupport@byteplant.com.

Support terminated for NoSpamToday Version 2: Upgrade now!

Since May 2007, NoSpamToday version 2 is no longer supported and there are no more maintenance and security updates for this version available.

We strongly recommend to upgrade to version 3 as soon as possible.

To make sure that you can always benefit from the latest spam protection features and to provide continuous operation of your mail service at the highest possible security level, your NoSpamToday installation should be up-to-date.

Upgrade Information

NoSpamToday! version 2 license keys will not work for version 3.

To receive your free upgrade license key, or to receive an upgrade discount, please visit our Customer Service Center.

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