How To Install NoSpamToday! On Your Mail Server (SMTP)

This document explains how to set up NoSpamToday! for Servers on the same machine as your mail server software. It applies to any mail server software, such as

Quickstart Installation Guide

When you start NoSpamToday! for the first time, the quick start wizard will guide you through the installation process. The following setup instructions assume that your mail server software listens on the default SMTP port (25), and that you are installing NoSpamToday! on the same server system.
IMPORTANT: Re-configure your firewall/router to redirect incoming SMTP traffic to port 26 (NoSpamToday!'s Incoming Port Number).

Advanced Topics

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FAQ list

You can find a selection of questions and answers on our FAQ list. There are also links to several more "how to" documents.

Closing Remarks

This document will continue to evolve. Please submit hints and suggestions to , we are happy to make anything helpful available to other users.