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James Wilkinson
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Hi there,

I just installed over It offers spamc and spamd support as one of the main options. I'm used to these programs from SpamAssassin on Linux, so I thought I'd investigate. And I've got a few questions...

1. On the SpamAssassin Filter Wizard, there's a new Client/Server Filtering checkbox. I presume this is how you turn it on, but the default command line begins sa\spamassassin.exe -- shouldn't that be sa\spamc.exe when using the client/server filtering?

I have previously customised the command line on my install, so maybe the wizard is trying not to over-rule my changes, but either pressing the "Restore Default Command Line" button or trying to install a new filter still gives the sa\spamassassin.exe command line.

(If I edit this command line to "sa\spamc %FLAGS% -x -E" and running "Test with Sample Spam", it looks like it's working, but I'm not putting this into practice until I've got a good answer to question 2).

2. How exactly is spamd supposed to be started? If I run it from the command line, it takes a few seconds to start -- is there any way of ensuring that this runs before NoSpamToday (so there's a daemon for SpamAssassin to connect to...)

It Would Be Nice if this was a service, which you could set to automatically restart if it ever stopped.

3. Will there be any ways of customising the spamd daemon's command line, in the same way as there is for spamassassin?

4. Could you add support for a fallback to sa\spamassassin in case anything did go wrong with spamd?

5. Could you put some documentation somewhere? There's no mention of spamd in the manual or online help.

This is probably asking a lot...


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